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What do I need before I can rent?

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If you’re not experienced with renting gear, you may have a few questions about how all this works.  This should help you get your first rental off on the right foot.  We help new customers make their first rental every day, and we’re here to make this as easy as possible.

If you’re not even sure what you need to be renting, it’s okay.  We can answer your questions on the phone or in email.

Once you know what you’ll be renting, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our rental terms.

Insurance and Equipment Deposits

If you’re renting more than $2000 worth of gear, we may ask you to provide proof of insurance.  If you don’t have insurance and need a one-time policy, we suggest  Insurance for a full year is usually only a bit more than insurance for a single day, so you may want to consider buying a full year policy.  Here’s a primer on insurance for video production by VideoUniversity.  If you keep a current certificate of insurance (COI) on file with MKE Production Rental listed as an additional payee, you may be eligible for discounts on your rentals.

For smaller rentals, we may ask for a deposit or ask that you keep a credit card on file with us.  In that case, we won’t charge you unless something is returned late, not returned, or is returned damaged.  For some of our customers, some of the time, we may choose to waive this requirement.  If you are a video production professional or production company with a website and reel, that helps.


To hold a rental, you’ll need to pay a 50% nonrefundable deposit, or for orders under $50, you’ll need to pay the full amount.   You can drop off your payment at our office, pay by electronic invoice, or we can process your credit card over the phone.  You’ll need to pay the entire amount due before your rental begins.  We accept cash, credit cards including Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express, and business checks from Wisconsin-based companies, churches, and nonprofits.  Sorry, we can’t take a personal check.  If you cancel your rental, or miss your pickup appointment, there will be fees and other consequences. The details are in our rental terms.

We will charge Wisconsin sales tax on your rental, unless you email us your Wisconsin sales tax exemption as a PDF or JPG, including your tax exemption number.

Pickup and Return

You can only pick up your rental with a rental appointment.  We need time to prepare your gear and make sure everything is ready to go.  There is no charge to schedule a pickup or return during our regular business hours.  After hours pickup and return is available for an additional charge. Delivery and pickup services are also available.

When you come to pick up your rental (or we come to you with a rental delivery), we’ll need the following things from you, if we haven’t received them already:

  • payment in full with cash or credit
  • a valid credit card, deposit, or proof of insurance
  • your government-issued photo ID

We’ll have a contract for you to sign when you receive the rental.  You agree when you pick the equipment up, it’s in good working order, and you agree to return the equipment in the same condition.

You need to return the equipment on time, within 15 minutes of the return time you schedule with us.  We will charge you the full day rate for each day the equipment is kept late.  Please let us know if you’ll be returning equipment late, as someone else may be counting on that equipment for their shoot.

Have everything you need to get started?  Get in touch to make your rental reservation now!

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