Camera, Light, Projector and Sound Rental in Milwaukee & Chicago

            Renting cameras, audio, lighting & grip for Milwaukee, Chicago, and the surrounding area.


So how does renting work?

It’s really easy! Take a look at our getting started page.

What camera/projector/microphone should I use for my project?

That depends on a lot of factors.  We suggest calling us at 414.939.3653 if you have questions about what equipment will be a good match for your needs.

Can I come see your place and check something out?

Please make an appointment! We want to be sure someone is in the office to meet you, and we can make sure that what you’re looking for is in our inventory that day. We want to be sure we have the time and equipment set aside to answer your questions.

Do you have camera X?

We have most of  our regular stock listed in the catalog.  If you need something that’s not listed, we can usually bring it in from a rental partner, if you can wait a few days. It’s always a good idea to ask.

I know what I want.  What should I do next?

Send an email to [email protected] listing each item, a good time for you to pick up, drop off, and your name and phone number.

I have an emergency.  How fast can you help?

Since we’re usually on set just like you, the fastest way to get in touch is with SMS to 414.939.3653. Sometimes we can help you immediately, and sometimes we’re sleeping. If you’re in a rush, read this information on emergency rentals and delivery, including terms and fees.

What if I break/drop/damage/lose the equipment?

Let us know right away if the equipment becomes lost or damaged.  Your rental contract makes you 100% liable for the cost to replace any equipment that you don’t return in good condition, except for reasonable wear and tear.  Any deposit you left with us will be applied to the cost to repair or replace the damaged equipment, and we may charge the credit card you have on file with us for any additional amount due.  You may also be responsible for lost rental income. That means if we would have rented the equipment to someone else in the time it takes to repair or replace it, you will need to pay for that as well.  If you have insurance, some or all of those costs may be paid by your insurer.

Why is the MKE price so high/so low?

We try to stay competitive with other equipment rental companies in the Milwaukee area, and online.  We love to be a one-stop-shop for large and small productions, and keeping our prices low is part of that. Sometimes, online rental companies will list a really low price for an item, but when you look closer, you’ll see that they charge extra for “optional” parts like batteries and memory cards. If you notice our price is higher than the competition, let us know, and we’ll try to match it.

Sometimes, we have to charge a bit more for our products.  In that case, we hope that supporting your local rental house is worth the couple extra bucks!

Do you sell new or used cameras or other equipment?

We’re not currently a distributor for any brand and don’t sell any new equipment.  Occasionally, we may sell equipment that we no longer need in our rental inventory.  When we do, we’ll list it on eBay.  We do sell expendables, like gaff tape, markers, blackwrap, spray fog, and gels.

I want to use something, but I’ve never used it before.  Can you help?

Yes!  Let us know before you pick up if you have questions, and we can schedule time for an introduction.  Some of this stuff can be intimidating, but once you get your hands on it, we’re sure you’ll figure it out just like we did.  And if you decide you’d rather hire an operator to run it, or an AV tech to set it up, we can help you do that, too.