After ten years, MKE Production Rental has closed our doors. Thanks for all the great times, Milwaukee!


sony_f5_1All renters sign a contract that makes them responsible for the equipment, even if it’s stolen or if things happen out of the renter’s control. Insurance is a great way to protect yourself from the worst, and sometimes it’s our requirement before you can take the equipment with you.

If we ask you to provide insurance for your rental, we’ll need a Certificate of Insurace (COI) from your insurer.  This can be sent from your agent by email as a PDF, or through the mail.  It must meet the following requirements:

The policy must be “All Risk” physical damage insurance (such as an inland marine policy) in an amount at least equal to the replacement value of the equipment. It must cover all losses, including theft from an unlocked vehicle. Please ask us if you’re not sure how much coverage you’ll need.

MKE Production Rental must be listed as additional insured and loss payee on the policy.

The policy must be in effect for the duration of your rental(s).

The COI must include a policy number.

Your insurance policy may offer liability coverage. This is not rented equipment coverage, and will not pay out in the event the equipment is stolen or destroyed.

If we request proof of insurance and you fail to provide it, we will not let you take your equipment with you.  We may still charge you for all or part of the rental, in accordance with our rental terms.

We don’t sell insurance, but there are many options for buying it. Online companies like can provide you a certificate of insurance the same day. If you’re a member of the Professional Photographers of America, we suggest considering Photocare Plus. Your home, auto, or renters insurance agent may also be able to expand your policy to cover rented equipment. We use the Jules Berlin Agency as our insurance agent and Fireman’s Fund as our insurer.