Your rental contract will cover many details of your rental, but these are the general terms for working with us.

It’s always best to book your equipment early, so you know it’s available when you need it. We don’t guarantee any item will be in stock unless you’ve made the payment and we have confirmed your order.

Prices posted on our website, in emails, and other places are good for items we have in stock, in our regular inventory, and subject to availability. For items we bring in from third parties (including identical items), rates may vary.

We typically don’t charge for the partial day before or after your rental, as long as you keep your appointments. The specific details of times and rates are detailed in each quote and rental contract.

To secure your rental, we require payment in advance.  If you cancel your rental anytime between when you make the payment and the rental start time, we will keep 50% of your payment, refund 50%, and a rental credit worth 50% of your order total will be added to your account, for you to use within the next 365 days. If your rental order includes items we bring in from third parties, you may have less favorable cancellation terms, but we will inform you when we provide the quote.

If you fail to appear or contact us at the beginning of your rental term, we will still charge you for the entire rental, up to one week long, and your reservation will be cancelled.

While you are welcome to return your rental equipment early, we do not offer credits or refunds for early rental returns.

Before you can take the equipment, we require proof of insurance and/or a security deposit and/or a major credit card at our discretion. We will let you know what is required before we complete your order. Orders must always be paid in full by the pick up time.  We accept cash, business checks, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, silver bars, and Bitcoin. We no longer offer Net 30 accounts.

It’s our goal for you to have an awesome experience, from your first contact to your finished project. Unfortunately, from time to time, things break, files get corrupted, and even we make mistakes.  If you had a bad experience with our products or employees, please contact us so we can make it right.