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When You Need Crew


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In this business, like so many others, people tend to work with someone they know and trust.  We’ve been shooting, producing, and editing in Wisconsin for eight years, and we have worked alongside almost everyone who works in video and film production.  We’re happy to recommend someone we trust to help on your project.

Our list of qualified Production Assistants, Grips, Camera Assistants, Drivers, and Directors of Photography are all people we’ve worked with side-by-side, and would be happy to send out with our equipment.  We can also help you fill some of the trickier positions like makeup, hair, and craft services/catering, and help give you an idea of what to budget for any of these positions.

In Milwaukee, all production crew are non-union.  If you require it, we can connect you with union crews from Chicago.

Whether you’re shooting a feature on film or a reality show with mixed video formats, Milwaukee has crew with the experience and the Midwestern work ethic to get the project done well.  We’d love to help you get the absolute best crew on whatever budget you’re working with.

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