Production Assistance


At MKE Production Rental, we’re more than just equipment rental. We also provide production assistance for film, video, and photography shoots in Milwaukee and the surrounding area. We can connect you with specialized crew, casting services, location scouting and locations, and everything else you need to make the most from your production.

Sometimes, production assistance means providing tables, chairs, tents, walkie talkies, and other production support. Other times, production assistance means getting help to navigate the resources available in the Milwaukee area.

Milwaukee has multiple production studios, hundreds of freelance crew, and many competitors for audio, editing, graphics, and post-production. We’re here as your partner, helping you choose the best options for your unique project requirements. Our extensive list of crew, from directors and DPs to grips and production assistants, can get your shoot staffed quickly. Our years of experience working in Milwaukee makes us uniquely suited to assist with all your production needs.

To us, “production assistance” means more than just getting you your equipment. We want you to be as excited as we are to shoot in Milwaukee! Contact our office to connect with a production specialist for all your production needs.

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