It’s Opening Day!

Today’s the day! We’re so excited to be Milwaukee’s newest video equipment rental house.

We started on this path because we’re independent filmmakers, shooters, and producers, too, and we know that production has changed a lot over the last few years.  It’s time for a rental house that can change with you.   We’re planting our flag and saying “Thanks for waiting, Milwaukee!”  Milwaukee filmmakers deserve a camera rental house that carries DSLRs and accessories.  You deserve transparent pricing. You deserve 24/7 emergency rentals.  We’re glad to be the first company in Milwaukee to offer all that to you.

Miller Park (Image: Flickr/compujeramey)
Miller Park (Image: CC Flickr/compujeramey)

As we move forward, let us know how we can keep changing to match your needs.  New gear?  New services?  Something else?  We’re here for you.

We hope the Brewers don’t mind sharing our Opening Day.  Here’s you you, Milwaukee!  Now get shooting!