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  1. HD Video Projector 1080p 4000 lumen


    Rent this HD video projector for movies, presentations, and more.  Designed for large screens and rooms with ambient light, this HD extra bright video projector supports 16:9 1080p, making Blu-ray, DVD, and online video pop.  A high contrast ratio (5000:1) and fantastic color rendering are possible with the projector’s DLP technology. This projector is a great choice for 10-12 foot screens with some lights on, and screens up to 18 feet in near darkness.

    You can connect nearly anything, including Display Port, dual HDMI, VGA, component, composite, and S-video.  You can even control the projector over the network using the ethernet LAN port.  And at under seven pounds, it’s the only 4000+ lumen projector rental we’d call portable. We include a remote for easy setup.

    If you are looking for a projector for a backyard movie night, we include this projector in a rental kit that includes everything you need.

    We’re certain nobody in Milwaukee has a brighter projector rental for less!  And if you combine your rental with a screen or soundsystem, we’ll give you a discount so you can save even more!

    Rental Prices

    $129 for 1 day
    $268 for up to 5 days
    Call or email for availability.

    Suggested accessories:

    Projector Screen

    Sound System

  2. Rear Projection Screen

    Our 120″ rear projection screen is perfect for movie nights, large conferences, and more. The 16:9 aspect ratio makes it an easy set-up with DVD/Blu-ray players and laptops. This is an excellent screen size for groups up to 50, and it’s easy fold frame transports and sets up with no problems.

    The 120″ is the measurement from corner-to-corner of the viewing area. The viewing area is 59″ high and 105″ wide. When assembled, this rental screen is 89″ tall and 110″ across.

    Hosting an even bigger party?  We have an even larger outdoor screen, too. Pick your screen up from our Milwaukee office and have it set up in minutes. Don’t forget to rent a projector and sound system.

    Rental Prices

    $89 for 1 day
    $267 up to 1 week
    Call or email for availability.

    Suggested accessories:

    AV Cart
    Extension Cord

  3. Short Throw Video Projector


    A short throw projector lets you keep the projector close to the screen while still having a large image. This InFocus video projector can project a 100″ diagonal image when placed just 38″ away.  If you’re working in a small room or like to walk around your projection, a short throw video projector rental can make things a lot easier.

    The projector rental also comes with a stylus/wand, which lets the projector work like an interactive whiteboard. The features of the projector make it great for classroom and collaborative business settings. It has HDMI and VGA inputs, and can display a JPG slideshow from your USB device. Composite and S-video inputs let you connect to DVD players and legacy video equipment. You can even project up to four different computer displays at once, using your computer network. We include a mini displayport adapter with each of our rental projectors, making it ready to use with Mac laptops, too.

    The projector is 3000 lumens and uses DLP technology. It accepts input resolutions up to 1920×1200. The display is natively 1024×768 (XGA). It features two 10-watt speakers, relatively loud for a portable projector. This makes it great for classrooms and meetings where sound is needed and setting up external speakers is not an option. We suggest this projector for screen sizes up to 120″ (ten feet) diagonally.

    The short throw projector has a crisp wide lens and fantastic imaging edge-to-edge. It’s also quite portable, weighing under ten pounds. We send it out with the projector, cables, and remote wand inside a hard case.

    Don’t forget, we offer a $10 discount when you combine your projector rental with a projection screen.

    Rental Prices

    $99 for 1 day
    $198 for up to 5 days
    Call or email for availability.


    Suggested accessories:

    projector screen
    media cart
    laptop PC
    Bluray/DVD player

  4. Backyard Movie Night Package


    We include everything you need in our backyard movie night package: a super-bright HD projector, a huge 120″ screen that’s easy to set up, two powered speakers, a DVD/Bluray player or TV tuner with Antenna, and all the cables you’ll need to make it work, indoors or outside. All you need to bring is the disc and the popcorn.

    If you’ll be setting up indoors, we recommend a room with ceilings at least 10′ high. Outdoor areas should be clear of branches and overhead wires.

    While you are welcome to connect our equipment to your own devices, we strongly suggest bringing a DVD or Blu-ray as a backup. We can’t guarantee your devices will work with ours, or the quality of your internet connection.

    A backyard movie night is a great way to have a memorable night. We suggest inviting the neighbors, so you can turn up the volume! Here’s some more information about  Preparing for Your Movie Night.


    Rental Prices

    $315 for 1 day
    $630 for up to 3 days
    Call or email for availability.
  5. Plan a Backyard Movie Night

    backyard-movie-nightA perfect backyard movie night just takes a little planning and a nice summer evening. Here’s how to bring together a movie night that makes you the coolest neighbor on the block.

    Start with invitations. As with anything that has the potential to be loud, you’ll want to invite the neighbors! Invite anyone you think might be interested and encourage them to bring outdoor movie necessities, including a blanket and bug spray. If your party is open to the public, or you’re charging admission, you’ll need to license your movie from the movie studio.

    Pick the right spot. You’ll want to be away from streetlights and other bright lights, ideally in a space with some open grass for viewing. Or you can set up the screen above the pool and host a “dive-in” movie!

    Plan enough food and drinks. Since your screening won’t start until after dark, you probably won’t need to provide a meal. No snack screams “movie night” more than popcorn, and you can serve it in classic paper popcorn bags for just a few dollars. Don’t forget, you’ll want to provide a trash and recycle bin, too, so your guests can clean up after themselves.

    Start after dark. It’s tempting on late summer nights with kids to try to start the movie early, but the projection won’t be very visible until after sunset. Using a brighter projector can help, but no projector is going to work well while the sun is still up. At least you’ll have an excuse to use your glow bracelets. They’re for the kids, right?

    host-outdoor-movie-night Pick a spot where the lights won’t shine on the screen, to help keep the image easy to see.

    Choose the right screen size for your group. Most backyard movies look best on a 16:9 screen that’s between 10 and 12 feet diagonal (usually for crowds between 20 and 120). You can build your own budget screen from a large sheet or project on a plain white wall, or you can get much nicer results from an affordable outdoor screen rental.

    Use a bright enough projector. Projector brightness is measured in lumens. Here’s our suggested brightness chart for a good-looking projection on a typical summer night outside:

    Screen Size
    80” 2000
    100” 2700
    120” 3000
    144” 4000

    Good sound is really important. Most digital projectors include some kind of speaker, but it’s not designed for large groups outdoors. For the outdoor movie experience, it’s best to use powerful speakers with good sound quality. For safety, you can add wireless audio to connect your speakers without running cables through your audience.

    If you don’t want to worry about getting all the right av equipment and cables, we offer a backyard movie night package that has all the equipment you need. We can even have an AV tech come set it up if you like!

  6. LCD HD Projector – 3000 lumen


    This LCD projector rental features HD resolution and WiFi connectivity for easy setup.  With 3000 white lumens (and 3000 color lumens) this projector is a great choice for business presentations and videos when you want vibrant colors.  PowerPoint slides are easy to read and video is colorful and crisp, even in a room with some ambient lighting.  We recommend renting this 3LCD projector for screen sizes up to 120″ (10 feet), or 144″ (12 feet) in completely darkened rooms.

    This projector has fantastic connectivity, including HDMI, MHL, USB, S-Video, and composite inputs.  We also include a MiniDisplayport adapter. If you’re not sure, you can test out the projector rental in our Milwaukee office and make sure it will work with your equipment.

    What makes this projector rental even more powerful is the new WiFi connectivity, letting you wirelessly display images and slideshows with any device running Epson’s free iProjection app, including smartphones and tablets. The LCD projector has a WXGA 1280×720 (720p HD) resolution.  This means sharper-than-SD projections no matter if you’re using 16:9 or 4:3 materials.  Don’t forget, we offer a $10 discount when you combine your LCD projector rental with a projection screen.

    You don’t have to fill out forms, request quotes, and add fees.  The price you see is what you pay. Not sure what projector you want to rent? Our team of audiovisual rental specialists have years of experience with projectors, and can make a recommendation based on your venue, audience size, and what you’ll be projecting.

    We’re sure we have the most affordable projector rentals in Milwaukee, and we publish our prices to make it easy.  Handle your own setup to make a rental work on any budget, or hire one of our experienced AV techs to handle the rental, delivery, and setup for you!

    Rental Prices

    $99 for 1 day
    $198 for up to 5 days
    Call or email for availability.


    Suggested accessories:

    projector screen, media cart, enhanced speaker system, laptop PC, Bluray/DVD player


  7. Huge Projection Screen 16×9


    Rent our 144″ indoor/outdoor projection screen for movie nights. That’s twelve feet diagonal!  The 16:9 aspect ratio is perfect for movies, including DVD and Blu-ray. This is an excellent screen size for 75 or more people, and transports and sets up easily.  You can use the included frame (which stands about 13 feet tall) or clamp it to a wall or other surface.

    Pick your screen up from our downtown Milwaukee office and have it set up in minutes. For a screen this huge, we strongly recommend at least a 4000 lumen projector and a respectable speaker system.  We can show you how to set up and connect everything when you come to pick up your rental.

    $99 for one day or $198 for up to five days. Call or email for availability and to make your rental reservation.


    Suggested accessories:

    projector, media cart, speaker system, laptop PC, Bluray/DVD player


  8. PowerPoint Projector


    A PowerPoint projector rental is perfect for your business meeting or proposal.  Our basic PowerPoint projector rentals are at least 2700 lumens, bright enough to light a screen up to 10 feet, even with some lights on.  They have a 4:3 native aspect ratio and 1024×768 native resolution, making text crisp and legible, both up close and from the back of the room.

    You can connect it to anything with a HDMI, VGA, S-Video, or composite video output, and we include an adapter for Mini Displayport at no charge.  That means you can connect it to your PC or Mac, laptop, DVD player, blu ray player, camera, and nearly anything else that plays video. This PowerPoint projector rental includes a small speaker, but we suggest upgrading to a speaker system if you want your audience to be able to hear the sound.

    All our projector rentals include a hard case, making it easy to transport safely.

    If you’re looking for a projector just for 16:9 video, like movies, we suggest a widescreen LCD projector. If you’re not sure what projector is best for you, give our office a call at 414.939.3653 and one of our AV experts can help you choose.

    We also rent computers with PowerPoint installed and guarantee they’ll work with our PowerPoint projector rental. Stop worrying about adapters and cables, leave your laptop behind, and focus on your presentation!

    Ask for the projector and screen combo discount and save $10 when you combine your PowerPoint projector rental with a projection screen.

    Rental Prices

    $64 for 1 day
    $128 for up to 5 days
    Call or email for availability.


    Suggested accessories:

    projector screen
    media cart
    speaker system


  9. Projector Rental in Milwaukee: What You Need to Know

    Anyone can say they’re the best place to rent a projector in Milwaukee, but we want to back it up with facts.  Here are some things to consider before booking your projector rental.


    Our projectors start as low as $64 for a day

    1) Is the projector rental company really local?  What if they send the wrong projector, forget the remote, or the lamp burns out?  What if there are technical problems, or the box is damaged in transit?  Lots of companies pretend to be local, but some companies send your rental from as far away as Los Angeles!  When you pick up from a local business in Milwaukee, you can test the projector right there, and make sure you have the adapters and cables to connect it to your system.  Plus, you support a local business.  It’s a win-win!

    2) Are you getting the right projector?  You can look at a catalog of projectors online, but that’s not the same as having a professional help you choose your projector rental over the phone, in email, or even in person. Your amazing presentation or video won’t matter if your audience can’t see it.

    3) Are you renting new technology?  Lots of rental houses have projectors in inventory from 3, 5, or even 8 years ago!  Remember what your TV looked like eight years ago?  Every one of our projectors support modern connections and are easy to use.

    4) Are you paying the right price? Most companies don’t publish their rates, and expect you to haggle over the phone with one of their sales reps. We believe that publishing prices is better for our customer.  We’re also pretty sure we have the most affordable projector rental in Milwaukee.  If you find a better rental deal, please let us know!  We even offer a $10 discount if you combine a projector rental with a screen rental, making our low prices even better.

    Are you ready to rent a projector or screen? Send us an email, give us a call, or browse our online catalog.  You can even pick up your projector from our Milwaukee office the same day!

    (414) 939-3653 or [email protected]