Backyard Movie Night Package


We include everything you need in our backyard movie night package: a super-bright HD projector, a 135″ screen that’s easy to set up, two powered speakers, a DVD/Bluray player, and all the cables you’ll need to make it work, indoors or outside. All you need to bring is the movie and the popcorn.

If you’ll be setting up indoors, we recommend a room with ceilings at least 10′ high. Outdoor areas should be clear of branches and overhead wires. We advise not starting your screening until about 5 minutes after sunset.

A backyard movie night is a great way to make a summer night memorable. We suggest inviting the neighbors, so you can turn up the volume! Here are some other tips to help you prepare for your movie night.

Rental Prices

$479 for 1 day
$1099 weekly
Call or email for availability.