Aputure LS 1200d Pro Daylight LED

The LS 1200d Pro Light Storm Daylight LED Light from Aputure is a powerful COB LED fixture that’s equally at home on location or in studio. One of the most powerful LED lights available anywhere, the Aputure LS 1200d has output comparable to a 1200W HMI, augmented by its 55° Hyper Reflector. The LED fixture has a precise 5600K color temperature with a high CRI/TLCI rating of 96.

Like all of Aputure’s modern LED lights, the LS 1200d has a myriad of control methods: the Sidus Link mobile app, wireless DMX control, and an intuititive digital interface on the ballast.

The mount on the LS 1200d Pro is designed for junior stands. We suggest using sandbags for safety.

Your Aputure LS 1200d Pro rental includes: the LS 1200d Pro head, Hyper Reflector, V-mount Ballast/Charger, Head Cable, AC Power Cable, Ballast Clamp, and rolling case.

We offer various Aputure Bowens Mount modifiers for rent, including the 10-inch fresnel, 90cm Light Dome II, and 90cm Lantern. Please confirm that your bowens-mount modifier is safe to use on a 1200w fixture before using.

Rental Rate

$175 for 1 day
$350 for up to 3 days
$525 for up to 7 days
Call or email for availability.

Suggested accessories:

Junior Stand