LED PAR 64 Lights


LED PAR 64 lights are a great light for washing stages, walls, and anywhere where you’d like a pop of color. Create custom colors with red, green, and blue (RGB) LEDs. Use the controls on the back or a DMX-512 lighting control system. These PAR 64s are low profile and mount easily on the ground with the split stand.

LED lights are cool to the touch, and draw much less power than traditional PAR 64s. They are a great choice for uplighting. As accent uplighting, we suggest one every 4-6 feet of wall. For a more even wash, they should be closer together.

If you choose a custom color, we can set the lights for you before you pick up your rental. If you prefer, we can even send a tech to handle delivery and setup for you.

The prices below are for one light with power cable, without stands or clamps. Discounts are available for rental orders of 8 or more.

Rental Prices

$14 for 1 day
$28 for up to 3 days
$42 for up to 7 days
Call or email for availability.