4’x4′ and 8’x8′ frames/overheads and stands


We have 4’x4′ and 8’x8′ frames/overheads/butterflies/rags for light control.  Mount them with our C-stands or Junior Stands and grip heads.  Be sure to include your choice of rags, listed below.

Our one-day rental rates

4’x4′ 8’x8′
Frame $10 $20
Silver $7 $19
Full Silk $7 $19
Half Silk $7 $19
Double Net $7 $29
Ultra Bounce $7 $29
Gold “Elvis” $7 $29
Silver “Marilyn” $7 $19
Black Solid $7 $19
Bleached Muslin $7 $19
C-stand $6
Junior Stand $14
Junior Grip Head $7


Traveling light?  Our 8×8 frames collapse into a kit that’s just 4 feet long, and our 6’x6′ Scrim Jim gets even smaller.

Our 4×4 frames are fixed, so you’ll want a large van or a truck to move them. They don’t fit inside most cars or SUVs.

Suggested accessories:

tent stakes