Elmo Document Camera


A document camera rental is an easy way to display a document, piece of art, or other item on a projector, television, or computer. This Elmo document camera can connect by VGA, HDMI or USB.

Document cameras combined with digital projectors have replaced classic overhead projectors. You can even write on your document and see the changes on the screen in real time, all without needing to use transparencies or staring into bright lights.

This Elmo camera is a modern, ultra-lightweight model, supporting full color. Weighing under two pounds, it’s perfect for courtrooms, classrooms, and anywhere you need to present documents. It can also function as a webcam, making it a great addition to a virtual sales meeting or collaborative Skype session.

This Elmo rental doesn’t include a display screen, but can be connected to a projector, television, computer, or other device.

Rental Prices

$44 for 1 day
$88 for up to 5 days
Call or email for availability.

Suggested accessories:

projector & screen
media cart
laptop PC