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Director of Photography Jon Kline

klineDirector of Photography Jon Kline

Director of photography Jon Kline (Jonathan David Kline) is the founder of MKE Production Rental in Milwaukee. His award-winning cinematography has been seen on every major television network and at film festivals around the world.

Jon came to cinematography through theater. Working as a technical director by day and restaurant manager by night, he brought light, sound, and pizza to hungry audiences. Those experiences helped prepare him for a career as a cinematographer. He attended UW Washington County and UW-Oshkosh, where he studied Radio, Television, and Film, before returning to Milwaukee.

He is a past organizer of MARNmovies, a social and screening event for filmmakers, and was recognized with the 2014 Pace-Setter Award from the Milwaukee Independent Film Society. He is a founding member of CreativeMornings Milwaukee chapter.

Jon also hosts workshops for cinematographers and photographers, presenting to film professionals and students around the country. His writing has been published by MovieMaker Magazine,, and he is the primary contributor to the MKE Production Rental blog. He currently lives in Chicago, and is available for travel.

Jon is available as a cinematographer for commercial, narrative, and documentary work, as well as speaking engagements and interviews. Booking inquiries should be directed to [email protected]




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