Camera, Light, Projector and Sound Rental in Milwaukee & Chicago

            Renting cameras, audio, lighting & grip for Milwaukee, Chicago, and the surrounding area.


  1. Production Van


    Our classic 3/4-ton grip van has all that you’ve come to expect in a production van.  It seats the driver plus one.When a three- or five-ton truck is too much, our grip van always fits the bill.  The air conditioning is a must for Milwaukee summers, and you’ll love the factory-installed AM/FM cassette deck.  Various Styx albums are available for an additional charge.

    The first 50 miles are included, miles over 50 are billed at $0.95/mile.  We require a certificate of insurance for vehicles, or you can hire one of our insured, local drivers/grips/gaffers.

    The grip van rental package includes:


    1 4′ 4Bank Kino Flo
    1 Diva 401
    3 1’x1′ F&V LED Panels
    2 2000w Mighty Mole Open Face
    1 2000w Junior Combo Mole Fresnel
    1 1000w Rifa Softbox
    3 1000w Molepars
    2 1000w Mickey Mole Open Face
    3 1000w 407 Baby Mole Fresnel
    4 650w Tweenie Mole Fresnel
    3 200w Strand Fresnel

    Stands & Grip

    8 40″ C-stand with gobo arm
    1 20″ C-stand with gobo arm
    4 Junior Stand
    3 Baby Stand
    2 Apple Box Family
    1 Flatbed Cart (Pneumatic Wheels)
    1 Rock N Roller Cart With Shelf
    2 Mafer Clamp
    2 Platypus
    1 Tree Branch Holder
    4 Scissor Clamp
    5 Baby pin
    2 110cm flexi-fill

    Butterflies & Flags

    1 6’x6′ Overhead with silk, full grid, bleached muslin
    3 24″x36″ Solid
    1 24″x36″ Single Net
    1 24″x36″ Double Net
    1 24″x36″ Silk
    2 18″x24″ Solid
    1 18″x24″ Single Net
    1 18″x24″ Double Net
    1 18″x24″ Silk
    2 4’x4′ Floppy

    Of course, we can customize a grip package for your particular needs, too.

    The default kit leaves enough room on the van for some camera support, and the most popular add-on is probably one of our Dana Dollies.

    We require that one of our pre-approved local drivers goes with the van. We can provide a list of grips/gaffers/PAs you can hire who can also drive.

    Van with Grip Package Starting at $295/day 

    Driver/Grip  Typically $400-450 for a 10-hour day

    Call or email for availability.