Canon 300mm f/4L IS telephoto lens


The Canon 300mm f/4L IS telephoto lens is an incredible lens for sports, wildlife, and outdoor portraiture. The extremely long telephoto is an EF mount, and will work with both full frame and crop factor cameras.

The lens, while not pocket-sized, is a pretty manageable size and weight when compared to other professional lenses in this focal range.  It close focuses better than any 300mm lens in Canon’s lineup. This makes it possibly the best lens ever made for faux-macro work like dragonflies, small mammals, and other tiny, skittish things.

The built-in image stabilization makes a huge difference for photo and video on a lens this long. A retractable hood is built-in.The lens is exceptionally sharp even wide open, and backgrounds fall off to a beautiful bokeh. It can be fitted with our 1.4x teleconverter to function as a 420mm f/5.6 lens. Like many L-series Canon lenses, it accepts 77mm front filters.

Rental Prices

$59 for 1 day
$118 for up to 3 days
$157 for up to 7 days
Call or email for availability.

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