Batteries and Chargers


If you need to rent a battery or charger for your camera, recorder, microphone, mixer, or other gear, we can help.  We offer extra rechargeable batteries and chargers for just about everything we rent. We only send out fully-charged batteries. Please give us a call if you have questions about battery capacity or run time.


Size/Model Qty Type Day Rate Notes
AA 4 XXX Recharge $5 Best-performing AA battery
9v 2 NiMH $5 Popular for audio equipment
LP-E6 1 Canon $5 Fits 5D, 6D, 7D series
LP-E8 1 Canon $5 Fits T2i, T3i, T4i, etc.
LP-E17 1 Canon $5 Fits Canon T6s
NP-FW50 1 Sony $5 Fits Sony A7s, A7s II
NP-F970 1 Sony $9 for camera accessories
BP-U90 1 Sony $9 EX1, EX3, FS5, FS7, etc.
Gold Mount 1 89 WH $19 14.8v
V-mount 1 89 WH $19 14.8v
V-mount 1 177 WH $29 14.8v


Size/Model Capacity Type Day Rate
AA 8 NiMH $5
9v 2 NiMH $5
LP-E6, E8, or E17 1 Canon $5
NP-Fxxx series 1 Sony $5
BP-U series 2 Sony $15
A7s, A7s II 1 Sony $5
Gold Mount 2   $20
V-mount 2   $20


We also sell single-use alkaline AA, lithium AA, and alkaline 9V batteries as expendables. If you have questions about what battery you need, just ask.