SLR Magic APO Hyperprime Cine 4-lens Set EF/PL

The SLR Magic APO Hyperprime Cine 4-lens set is a highly-reviewed family of full frame apochromatic cine prime lenses with a matched T2.1 aperture. The rental kit includes:

SLR Magic APO Hyperprime Cine 25mm T2.1
SLR Magic APO Hyperprime Cine 32mm T2.1
SLR Magic APO Hyperprime Cine 50mm T2.1
SLR Magic APO Hyperprime Cine 85mm T2.1

The lenses are natively Arri PL mount with included EF adapters.

The lenses project a 44mm image circle, covering all full frame standards and the 7K resolution of Red Weapon VV. Standard gears control the manual focus and iris, with a 300-degree focus rotation. Focus is internal, maintaining lens length throughout. Each lens has a 95mm front diameter for clamp-on matte boxes, and also features an 82mm front thread for round filters. Your rental includes a hard case.

Rental Prices

$199 for 1 day
$398 for up to 3 days
$597 for up to 7 days
Call or email for availability.

Jon’s Take:

The apochromatic design of the SLR Magic APO Hyperprime series is previously unheard of in an “affordable” cine lens. High-contrast areas are rendered without the magenta/green fringing common to most lenses. The lenses are sharp, but not clinical, and effective through the entire aperture range. Vignetting is modest on full frame, and negligible on s35. Breathing is almost nonexistent. The SLR Magic APO series invites comparisons to the Cooke S4i series, and holds up exceptionally well, considering you could buy ten SLR Magic lenses for the price of one Cooke. The biggest drawback of the set is no extreme telephoto or wide angle.

Suggested accessories:
Matte Box
Follow Focus