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Archive: Mar 2018

  1. SLR Magic Anamorphic 1.33x PL Lens Set

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    The SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x anamorphic 3-lens set with PL mount is the only anamorphic lens set that’s priced to be within reach of independent filmmakers and medium-budget commercials.  All three lenses are designed to create 2.35:1 ultra-widescreen images on cameras with super 35-sized sensors. The 50mm and 70mm lenses also cover full frame.

    The lenses are PL mount, and can easily be adapted to shoot on Sony E mount. They have a uniform 82mm front filter thread.

    The kit includes SLR Magic Anamorphot-Cine 1.33x 35mm T2.4 PL, SLR Magic Anamorphot-Cine 1.33x 50mm T2.8 PL, SLR Magic Anamorphot-Cine 1.33x 70mm T4 PL, and a hard case.

    Until now, budget anamorphic meant using an anamorphic adapter with a separate taking lens. Using a complete system prevents optical alignment problems and greatly simplifies focus. The SLR Magic specialized coating emphasizes the horizontal “blue streak” type flare from bright highlights.

    These lenses are fully manual and have no electronic communication with the camera. You must adjust aperture and focus manually. You may want to consider renting a follow focus and rails system. The unique front-element focus rotates and extends while focusing, making matte boxes inadvisable for this kit.


    Rental Prices

    $399 for 1 day
    $798 for up to 3 days
    $1197 for up to 7 days
    Call or email for availability.

    Suggested accessories:

    Monitor with de-squeeze
    Follow focus

  2. Zeiss CP2 6-Lens Set EF Mount

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    Zeiss CP2 Lens Set

    Zeiss CP.2 lenses have become a standard for film and television productions.  These cinema primes offer full-frame coverage for DSLRs and speedboosters, and are equally at home on cinema cameras with EF mounts and DSLRs.  You can choose your own set of six lenses, including the “super speed” 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm lenses.

    Shooting on a matching lens set means your shots will all have the same color, contrast, and look.  The fourteen-blade iris makes for near-perfect bokeh and Zeiss’ T* coating reduces reflections and flare.  These lenses are fully manual, and the barrel sizes are matched for easy lens changes, even behind a mattebox and follow focus. They have imperial markings (in feet). Your rental includes a hard case.

    Lenses available:

    Zeiss CP.2 21mm T2.9 EF
    Zeiss CP.2 25mm T2.1 EF
    Zeiss CP.2 28mm T2.1 EF
    Zeiss CP2 35mm T1.5 EF

    Zeiss CP.2 50mm T1.5 EF
    Zeiss CP.2 85mm T1.5 EF
    Zeiss CP.2 100mm T2.1 EF
    Zeiss CP.2 135mm T2.1 EF

    Insurance is required for this rental.

    6-lens Set

    $249 for 1 day
    $498 for up to 3 days
    $747 for up to 7 days
    Call or email for availability.

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