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  1. Tascam DR-100mkII Audio Field Recorder


    The Tascam DR-100 mark II is leaps and bounds better than most audio recorders around the same price. With great noise performance, dual XLR inputs with phantom power, built-in mics, impressive run time on batteries (both lithium ion and AA), and an included SD card, you can’t go wrong.

    Most of the features you’re likely to need are available with the flip of a switch, not buried in menus.  The DR100 Records up to 96kHz/24 bit, with two separate outputs (great for running headphones and sending reference audio to your camera). Works great with all our mics, but our favorite combo is the Sennheiser 416 shotgun.

    With the built-in and AA batteries combined, we get about 10 hours of runtime without phantom power, and 2 1/2 hours runtime with phantom power.  We offer an AC adapter and an external battery pack option if you want to run all day.

    Rental Prices

    $29 for 1 day
    $58 for up to 3 days
    $87 for up to 7 days
    Call or email for availability.

    Suggested accessories:
    XLR cable

  2. Zoom H6 6-Track Audio Recorder


    The Zoom H6 audio recorder allows for simultaneous 6-track recording. We rent it with multiple mic capsules and the EXH6, allowing for all six tracks to record XLR microphone inputs through the XLR/TRS combo jacks. With familiar menus for those who have experience on the Zoom H4n, the Zoom H6 is vastly improved, with better preamps and more versatile inputs.

    The Zoom H6 is the smallest way to record from multiple sources with broadcast-quality preamps. There’s no need to bring a bulky mixer or huge recorder in a sling bag. The H6 is small enough to mount on a camera.

    It supports bitrates up to 96kHz, 24-bit for six discrete channels, plus two more channels of stereo mixdown.  It has separate headphone out and line out jacks, so you can monitor while still sending a signal to your camera or other device.  Each of the six channels can be set independently, allowing you to fine-tune levels, compressor/limiter, and low-cut filter.

    Rental Prices

    $64 for 1 day
    $128 for up to 3 days
    $192 for up to 7 days
    Call or email for availability.

    Suggested accessories:
    XLR Cables


  3. Budget Sound Kit

    tascam-dr-100mkIIWith the popularity of our Budget Filmmaker Kit, we realized we should help Milwaukee get better sound for their money, too!  Our Budget Sound Kit comes with a Tascam DR-100mkII field recorder, SD card, batteries, cables, headphones, and your choice of either a Sennheiser G3 wireless lav system or a Sennheiser ME66/K6P shotgun microphone with boom pole, shockmount, windscreen, and deadcat.  This is everything you need to get great audio on-set or in studio.

    $64/$128/$192 for 1/3/7 day rentals.  Call or email for availability.

    Suggested accessories:

    Extra SD cards, extra AA batteries, Blimp, Budget Filmmaker Kit

  4. Zoom H4n

    H4n_slantStill making video like it’s 2009? We no longer stock the Zoom H4n audio recorder. Please let us convince you to upgrade to one of these, newer, more powerful, and affordable audio recorder rentals.

    Zoom H6

    Tascam DR100 mk II

    Tascam DR40

  5. Tascam DR-40 Portable Field Audio Recorder

    DR40-rent-milwaukeeThe Tascam DR-40 is a direct competitor with Zoom’s popular H4n audio recorder.  It accepts dual XLR ins, 1/4″ mono or stereo 1/8″ input, records up to 96kHz/24-bit, offers a 4-channel configuration, and records to SD or SDHC cards.  We usually get about 6 hours of runtime on AA batteries, or 2 hours if we’re providing phantom power.  In our tests, the only area the Dr-40 couldn’t match the H4n was noise with low-level XLR sources.  You’ll find the gain is often up to max with quieter mics like the Rode NTG-1. For this reason, we suggest the Sennheiser ME66 if you’re pairing the DR-40 with a shotgun mic.

    We offer an external battery pack and AC adapter if you’d like to record for very long periods without changing batteries.  Since it’s relatively small, it’s also an excellent backup recorder to keep in your bag for emergencies and special circumstances.

    Rental Prices

    $24 for 1 day
    $48 for up to 3 days
    $72 for up to 7 days
    Call or email for availability.

    Suggested accessories:

    XLR cables, microphone, headphones, audio mixer, extra SD cards, AC adapter


  6. Zoom H1 Ultra-portable Audio Recorder


    When size matters, consider the Zoom H1 audio recorder the perfect mini-weapon.  We love to keep an H1 in our camera bag to grab sound when we didn’t know we needed it, and occasionally hide it in a potted plant to feel like an 96kHz/24-bit audio-recording spy-ninja.  Audio quality from the stereo capsule mics is better than you’d expect, and it can accept 1/8″ stereo line/mic levels as well.  It even supplies plug-in power if your lav needs it.

    Have you ever had problems with your main audio recording and wished you had anything better than your built-in camera mic?  Us, too.  That’s why we suggest using an H1 or H2 as a backup recorder for any event or documentary-style work.  Rent it with a table top tripod or clamp so you can mount it to almost anything.  The Zoom H1 runs for hours on a single AA battery and includes a micro SD card.

    Rental Prices

    $14 for 1 day
    $28 for up to 3 days
    $42 for up to 7 days
    Call or email for availability.

    Suggested accessories:
    extra micro SD cards


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