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  1. Clamps, Mounts, Plates, Arms, and Other Grip


    We rent every common clamp, plate, and other grip accessory. We also rent a crate for $60/day that you can fill with all the clamps that fit. If you don’t see what you need here, please request it!

    $1/day items

    #1 pony clamp (1″ a-clamp) (metal spring clamp)
    #2 pony clamp (2″ a-clamp) (metal spring clamp)
    #3 pony clamp (3″ a-clamp) (metal spring clamp)
    5/8″ baby pin
    TVMP adapter
    lightweight pipe (stage) clamp

    $3/day items

    mafer (super) (konvi) clamp with baby pin
    mafer (super) (konvi) clamp with 1/4″ & 3/8″ baby pin
    center-jaw mathellini (cardellini) clamp
    end-jaw mathellini (cardellini) clamp
    platypus (quacker) (duck bill) clamp
    scissors (drop ceiling) clamps
    baby plate with 4″ baby spud
    justin (alli) (kupo) clamp with baby receiver
    j hook with baby hex pin
    lightweight 7″ magic arm
    lightweight 11″ magic arm
    heavy-duty pipe (stage) clamp

    $5/day items

    6″ c clamp with baby pins
    10″ c clamp with baby pins
    2 1/2″ grip head
    12″ furniture clamp with baby pin

    $12/day items

    matthews poultry bracket with junior receiver and baby pin
    4 1/2″ grip head (lollipop) for junior stand
    heavy-duty manfrotto magic arm with camera bracket

Can’t Find It?

If you haven't found what you're looking for, try the search box above, or call (414) 939-3653. We have way too many clamps, cables, and widgets to list everything. And we have new stuff coming all the time, too!