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  1. Wedding Lighting Packages

    Wedding Lighting

    When you hear “moonlight,” “star light,” or “candlelight,” you probably think of romance. The emotional experience your guests have at your wedding is shaped by the light in your event space.  Set the mood, improve your photos and video, and make your wedding space look unique and inviting with a custom wedding lighting package.  We can light any size wedding venue.  Our services include delivery, setup, and return. We also offer budget-friendly do-it-yourself lighting options starting at just a few hundred dollars.

    We’ve lit weddings and other events at the Pilot House at Discovery World in Milwaukee, the Bluemound Golf and Country Club in Wauwatosa, the Pritzlaff Building, Lakefront Brewery, and many more.

    Let us help make your Milwaukee wedding beautiful and memorable. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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  2. Lighting and Grip Rental in Milwaukee

    Shooting your video in Milwaukee and you need lighting and grip rental?  Whether you need a few apple boxes or a van with all the lighting, power, and grip that fits, we’ve got you covered.  We also offer cameras, lenses, tripods, and just about everything you need for a great video shoot.  We specialize in small productions (with crews usually under 10 people), and have partnerships with other rental companies to get you pretty much anything your production needs.


    Milwaukee has a tight-knit community of non-union production crew, including great gaffers and grips we’d be happy to recommend.  Even if you’re not sure what grip and lighting equipment you’ll need, we encourage you to get in touch.  Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll show you why Milwaukee is an easy place to get your project done right, on your budget.

    We’re the only lighting and grip rental company in Milwaukee who publishes our prices online in our rental catalog.  We can also help you with production support equipment, like tables, chairs, food and beverage support, popup tents, and pretty much everything else you might need. Request a quote for your production and we’ll get back to you the same day.

    Film and Video | Stage and Event | 3200K Tungsten | 5600K Daylight

    Apple Boxes | Carts | Chromakey | Flags and Butterflies | Sand Bags | Stands | Effects

    Production Support
    Tables | Chairs | Popups | Coolers


    (414) 939-3653

    [email protected]

    Posted by Director of Photography Jon Kline

  3. Lighting Your Event for High Impact

    If you want your event to be more than just people in a hotel conference room, event lighting can add that extra punch! Modern LED lights are easy for non-technical people to set up. Those same easy-to-use lights are also popular with DJs, churches, and parties.


    LED lighting can mix red, green, and blue light to make custom colors.

    For corporate events, we can use LED lighting and dial in colors to match branding and logos. This helps make event spaces seem more welcoming and draws the eye, as well. Using colors as accent lights helps tie the room together, and can make the branding materials feel much larger than they actually are.  The light fixtures blend red, green and blue light to make custom colors easy, and the lights are cool to the touch, so they’re safe to use on the floor or in tight spaces.  Our most popular lights for this are the Chauvet 4-Bar Minis and the American DJ Mega Go Bar lights.

    For larger events in and around Milwaukee, we suggest you hire one of our lighting professionals to help with the design and setup of the lighting system.  For smaller events, you may be able to rent the lights and set them up yourself.  This is a great option for office holiday parties, kids’ parties, and small sales events.  We can go over the equipment with you when you pick it up, so you can set it up quickly and get great lighting effects.

    For parties, a changing lighting effect can add energy to the room.  If you want to keep it simple, our Dance Club Light Kit is just $80/day and is really popular for first-time renters. Using the sound-active mode built into many of our rental lights is a great way to simply and easily make the lighting respond to the music.  For more advanced lighting control, we suggest adding a DMX controller for DJs to your lighting.  This will allow you to set “scenes” and “chases,” letting you customize your light show.  You’ll need to run special DMX cables, or you can make setup a little easier with our wireless DMX transmitter/receivers.

    If you’re lighting a small staged event, like a play or church performance, you may want to use lights in a different way, letting you light different scenes and control levels and blackouts.  We offer a basic DMX controller that allows you to set your lighting in advance and run the show easily, without much training.

    If you’re looking for new ways to make your event look great, give us a call at (414) 939-3653 and we can help you make your event lighting plan.  We’re more than happy to go over your options, whether your event is for 12 people or 12,000.

    Posted by Jon Kline

  4. Bad Batches of Lamps – FVL, FTK

    bad-ftk-fvlWe’d been having a lot of issues with our Lowel DV44 kits lately, especially with the Lowel Omni and the Lowel Pro lights.  It took a lot of troubleshooting, and in one case we had a failing socket on our Omni fixture. But the real surprise was when we tested all of our lamps on the shelf.  More than half of our FTK and FVL lamps were non-functioning, even though they are new in the box.

    Our most recent batch of FTK lamps was “Divine Lighting” brand, made in China.  We think about 75% of them were DOA and the remaining 25% had shortened life (some of them just a few minutes).  And no, this isn’t thumbprint-on-the-glass issues, but some kind of internal wiring problem.  The filaments appear fine, the bulb looks perfect, but the lamp fails a basic continuity test.

    All of our bad FVL lamps are made by Osram in Mexico.  The three we still had on the shelf were all dead in the box.  They also look brand new, but fail the continuity test.

    In the interest of being scientific, we also tested our lamps for our Arri lights and other stage fixtures, and they all passed the test just fine.

    Our theory is that it’s just a bad batch, or maybe someone has been returning used lamps in new boxes.  We’ve sent a message to our vendors and we’ll update you here if we hear more.

    The upshot is, starting today, all our customers will get lamps that are fully tested in-house with their Lowel kits, even when they’re new.  And if you own a Lowel Omni or Lowel Pro and you’re wondering why you’re having problems, double-check the lamp before you blame the fixture!  We suggest that any grip or set electrician have one in their bag all the time.

    Have you experienced multiple bad lamps in a single order?  Sound off in the comments!

    Posted by Jon Kline

  5. Chauvet Moonflower DJ/Dance/Concert Lighting


    Get your party started with this classic moonflower effect from Chauvet.  Pulsing red, green, and blue dots liven up any dance floor. Programmable by DMX, or set it to sound activated mode for simple operation.  Looks great on its own, but even better with a little atmospheric fog or haze.

    This is the updated LED model with very low power consumption, so it stays cool. A perfect match for kids parties and anything with disco or on rollerskates.  Ask for a stand or truss if you need to mount it above the action.

    Rates start at $14 for one day.  Call or email for availability.

    Suggested accessories:

    Extension cords, stage lighting, small fog machine

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