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Red Epic Dragon Camera Package


We recently upgraded our RED Epic with a Dragon sensor, giving you more latitude and higher, 6K resolution.  The Red Epic Dragon rental package includes the Red Epic brain (capable of capturing up to 100 frames per second at 6K resolution or 240 fps in 1080p HD) and just about everything else you need to get started shooting.

Other rental shops may have the best price on individual components, but once you put your rental kit together, we guarantee ours is the best value out there!   Batteries, media, matte box, filters, follow focus, plates, rails, clamps, and cables are all included.  Just add lenses, a tripod, and an AC, and you’re good to go.

Since we’re a small shop, we can’t rent the items a la carte, but we’re sure we have the best price in Milwaukee or Chicago for the complete Red Epic Dragon camera kit.  And speaking of carts, we offer a large camera cart with mitchell mount for $95/day, perfect for any RED Epic rental.

Rental Prices

$1195 for 1 day
$2390 for up to 3 days
$3585 for up to 7 days
Call or email for availability.

RED Epic Dragon Brain
DSMC 1.8” SSD Module
DSMC Side Handle
Ti PL Mount
Al Nikon Mount

RED Touch 5” monitor
Paralinx Arrow Wireless HD System

Data Management
4x 256 GB REDmag 1.8” SSD
REDmag case (4-slot)
REDstation 1.8″ (mini) – USB 3.0

DSMC Travel Charger
2x REDvolt Battery
REDbrick Charger
6x REDbrick Battery
DSMC A/C Power Adapter
Cinema Oxide brick backplate
Switronix V-Mount Plate

Redrock Micro Followfocus
Redrock 19mm adapter clamp
Redrock speed crank
Redrock 12″ focus whip

Movcam MM5 3-stage swing-away mattebox
114mm – 80mm step-down ring
5.65″x 5.65″ Tiffen clear glass filter
5.65″x 5.65″ Schnieder Circular Polarizer
5.65″x 5.65″ Schnieder .6 ND
5.65″x 5.65″ Schnieder .9 ND
5.65″x 5.65″ Schnieder 1.2 ND
5.65″x 5.65″ Schnieder 1.5 ND
5.65″x 5.65″ Schnieder Tru-cut IR 750
5.65″x 5.65″ Tiffen Hot Mirror
5.65″x 5.65″ ND .6 Grad
5.65″x 5.65″ ND .6 Attenuator

Wooden Camera A-Box audio adapter
DSMC quick release platform (dovetail)
RED dovetail mounting plate (long)
RED mounting plate (DSMC)
DSMC 19mm universal mount
2x 19mm rod (18″)
DSMC 15mm adaptor
2x 15mm rod (3″)
View Factor top plate
2x 100mm swat rail
RED sliding top handle
RED accessory attachment bracket
Swat rail clamp
Dogbone B – jogged
Fixed handle


Suggested accessories:
Lens Kit, Tripod, RAID Storage