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PowerPoint Projector


A PowerPoint projector rental is perfect for your business meeting or proposal.  Our basic PowerPoint projector rentals are at least 2700 lumens, bright enough to light a screen up to 10 feet, even with some lights on.  They have a 4:3 native aspect ratio and 1024×768 native resolution, making text crisp and legible, both up close and from the back of the room.

You can connect it to anything with a HDMI, VGA, S-Video, or composite video output, and we include an adapter for Mini Displayport at no charge.  That means you can connect it to your PC or Mac, laptop, DVD player, blu ray player, camera, and nearly anything else that plays video. This PowerPoint projector rental includes a small speaker, but we suggest upgrading to a speaker system if you want your audience to be able to hear the sound.

All our projector rentals include a hard case, making it easy to transport safely.

If you’re looking for a projector just for 16:9 video, like movies, we suggest a widescreen LCD projector. If you’re not sure what projector is best for you, give our office a call at 414.939.3653 and one of our AV experts can help you choose.

We also rent computers with PowerPoint installed and guarantee they’ll work with our PowerPoint projector rental. Stop worrying about adapters and cables, leave your laptop behind, and focus on your presentation!

Ask for the projector and screen combo discount and save $10 when you combine your PowerPoint projector rental with a projection screen.

Rental Prices

$64 for 1 day
$128 for up to 5 days
Call or email for availability.


Suggested accessories:

projector screen
media cart
speaker system