Clamps and Plates


We offer a variety of clamps, adapters, plates, and other grip equipment, including

  • Pony clamp (aka A-clamp or spring clamp, in 1, 2, and 3 inch sizes)
  • Cardellini clamp (aka Matthewlini)
  • Mafer clamp (aka super clamp)
  • Kupo clamp (aka Justin or Alli clamp)
  • Plate with baby pin (aka baby plate, wall plate, or nail-on-plate)
  • Plate with Junior receiver
  • Junior to baby adapter (aka butt plug)
  • Magic arm (aka Israeli, friction, or articulating arm)
  • C clamp with baby pins
  • Pipe clamp with junior receiver
  • O-clamps
  • Safety chain
  • Speedrail
  • Other grip and rigging equipment

Call or email for pricing and availability.