MKE Production Rental Milwaukee

Meet the Team

Ty Danielson

Rental Manager

Ty likes to help customers have five-star experiences. He doesn’t understand most hashtags. He has a degree in Film and Video from UW-Milwaukee and prefers Colectivo over Starbucks. He says that only serial killers like the X-Men. Otherwise, he’s usually pretty friendly.

Chad Halvorsen

Audiovisual Director

Chad has a decade of film production experience as an editor, producer and actor. He uses his incredible good looks and wealth of knowledge to help us create great events and awesome visuals. He has a 300-pound fire pit shaped like the Death Star in his back yard. If you ask nicely, he might let you kiss his adorable baby daughter.

Jon Kline


Jon started the company so he could move all his video production equipment out of his apartment. He has met seven astronauts, two Miss Americas, and the guy who played Rudy in Rudy.   Now he’s usually only around when he needs more stuff for his day job as a cinematographer.

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