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Huge Projection Screen 16×9


Rent our 144″ indoor/outdoor projection screen for movie nights. That’s twelve feet diagonal!  The 16:9 aspect ratio is perfect for movies, including DVD and Blu-ray. This is an excellent screen size for 75 or more people, and transports and sets up easily.  You can use the included frame (which stands about 13 feet tall) or clamp it to a wall or other surface.

Pick your screen up from our downtown Milwaukee office and have it set up in minutes. For a screen this huge, we strongly recommend at least a 4000 lumen projector and a respectable speaker system.  We can show you how to set up and connect everything when you come to pick up your rental.

$99 for one day or $198 for up to five days. Call or email for availability and to make your rental reservation.


Suggested accessories:

projector, media cart, speaker system, laptop PC, Bluray/DVD player