Blackmagic Analog to SDI converter


This Blackmagic Design converter will take any component (YPbPr/RGB), composite, or S-Video (Y/V) output and convert it to SDI or HD-SDI outs. Inputs are locking BNCs. Request RCA adapters if you need them. Audio over SDI is possible, using the two 1/4″ phono inputs. Runs on AC power. A power adapter is supplied.

We often use this with older analog HD and SD video cameras¬†to give us HD-SDI capability during live shoots. It’s also an excellent choice for converting video from analog sources like VHS to digital, when used with the right equipment. We can help you convert any video signal, just ask!

Rental Prices

$24for 1 day
$48for up to 3 days
$72for up to 7 days
Call or email for availability.

Suggested accessories:

RCA Cables, BNC Cables