Camera, Light, Projector and Sound Rental in Milwaukee & Chicago

            Renting cameras, audio, lighting & grip for Milwaukee, Chicago, and the surrounding area.

Back to School Bonus

film-student-discountAre you a film, video, or photography student?  We used to be, too, so we know what it’s like!  That’s why we’re making it easier and more affordable than ever for students to rent equipment.

Bring your student ID, and we’ll give you 20% off any rental that includes a camera body!  Whether you need it for a day or a week, for a midterm or a final project, you don’t have to be stuck with whatever’s left in the back of the campus closet when it comes time to make your masterpiece.  Plus, we’ll help you figure out the new gear, including a one-on-one camera 101, where we go over the hows and whys of your particular camera. To qualify for the discount, you must be a current student at an accreddited college, provide proof of insurance, and reserve at least five days in advance.

With camera packages starting under $100, you don’t have to be held back by technology on any budget!  Contact us today to reserve your rental!