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Anamorphic Lens Rental


The SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x PL anamorphic lens set rental provides cinematographers with the anamorphic look for a reasonable budget.  All three cinema lenses are designed to create 2.4:1 ultra-widescreen (a.k.a. cinemascope) images on cameras with 16:9 super 35-sized sensors.

SLR Magic anamorphic lenses have specialty coatings, to emphasize the horizontal blue flares that anamorphic lenses are famous for. The lenses tend toward a vintage or stylized look, with modest sharpness and contrast. The optics match well between the three different lens lengths.

The lenses are PL mount, and can easily be adapted to shoot on Sony E mount or Canon EF mount cameras. They each have an 82mm front filter thread. The front element rotates and extends when focusing, making certain matteboxes ineffective. Please contact us if you need lens mount adapters, or have questions about mounting the lens onto your camera.

The lenses are fully manual, with no electronics. The unique front-focus design prevents the use of macro rings, so close-up work must be done with diopters.  We have various diopters available for hire.

The rental includes SLR Magic Anamorphot-Cine 1.33x 35mm T2.4 PL lens, SLR Magic Anamorphot-Cine 1.33x 50mm T2.8 PL lens, SLR Magic Anamorphot-Cine 1.33x 70mm T4 PL lens, and a hard case.

For a limited time, for rentals longer than one day in the lower 48 states, ground shipping on this item is free. Expedited shipping is available. This is an insurance required item.


Rental Prices

$399 for 1 day
$798 for up to 3 days
$1197 for up to 7 days
Call or email to rent today.


SLR Magic Anamorphot 50mm T2.8 1.33x PL Anamorphic Lens example at T5.6

SLR Magic Anamorphot 70mm T4.0 1.33x PL Anamorphic Lens example at T5.6

Suggested accessories:

Monitor with de-squeeze
Follow focus