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Lighting and Grip Rental in Milwaukee

Coming to Milwaukee looking for lighting and grip rental?  Whether you need a few apple boxes or a van with all the lighting, power, and grip that fits, we’ve got you covered.  We also offer cameras, lenses, camera support, and just about everything you need for a great video shoot.  We specialize in small productions (with crews usually under 10 people), and can help you find a bigger local lighting and grip rental house if your production has specific needs we can’t fill.


Milwaukee has a tight-knit community of non-union production crew, including great gaffers and grips we’d be happy to recommend.  Even if you’re not sure what grip and lighting equipment you’ll need, we encourage you to get in touch.  Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll show you why Milwaukee is an easy place to get your project done right, on your budget.

We’re the only lighting and grip rental company in Milwaukee who publishes our prices online in our rental catalog.  Request a quote for your production and we’ll get back to you the same day.

Film and Video | Stage and Event | 3200K Tungsten | 5600K Daylight

Apple Boxes | Carts | Chromakey | Flags and Butterflies | Sand Bags | Stands | Effects

Production Support
Tables | Chairs | Popups | Coolers


(414) 939-3653

[email protected]

Posted by Director of Photography Jon Kline

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