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Flash for Canon/Nikon


This flash works with both Canon and Nikon cameras.  Mount one to the camera shoe or use our flash mount/umbrella holder on a lightweight stand.  Each flash requires 4 AA batteries.  Power can be controlled manually in eight steps.  It also has an optical slave mode for simple cordless multi-light setup.  Tilts 90 degrees, rotates 270 degrees, guide number 38.

The flash has a PC sync port for connecting other wired flashes.  It does not support E-TTL or high speed sync.

Single Flash

$14 for 1 day
$28 for up to 5 days
Call or email for availability.


Our two flash kit includes:
2 Flashes with batteries
1 9′ stand
1 photo umbrella
1 umbrella adapter

Flash Kit

$28 for 1 day
$56 for up to 5 days
Call or email for availability.


  1. Micaela Wilharm

    I was wondering if you offer discounts for students. I’m 19, currently enrolled, majoring in Photography. I’m trying to make an architecture portfolio and I need a flash, I’m also considering trying out a 5D or 6D.


    • Jon Kline

      We do offer a promotion for students… you should check it out! You should also check your email address… we tried to send you something, but it bounced back.

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