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Consignment Rental

consignment-camera-rentalHow many hours a week do you use your camera?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could make extra cash when you’re not using it?   MKE Production Rental is always looking to add cameras and a few other pieces of equipment to our rental inventory.

What is consignment rental?
Consignment rental is a simple agreement between you and us that lets us rent your equipment to other people.

How much money will I make?
For most equipment, we’ll give you a 50/50 split of the rental revenue.  For equipment on our Most Wanted list, we’ll give you even more (60/40 split).

Can I use my equipment for my own projects?
Of course! If the equipment is not already committed to a rental, you can pick it up and return it during normal business hours.

What kind of equipment is acceptable for consignment rental?
Any video cameras, particularly 4K and cinema cameras, as well as photo and cine lenses and accessories are the most popular items.  We are also a big renter of stills cameras, and any DSLR cameras made in the last 24-36 months are in demand.  We also consider HD broadcast equipment, including switchers, and studio and field audio equipment.

Check out our Consignment Rental Agreement, get in touch, and start making money today!

Consignment Rental Most Wanted List

Cameras, Lenses, & Accessories

Canon C300 or C300 mark II Kit
Canon C500 Kit
Sony FS5 Camera Kit
Cooke S4/i mini PL Kit

Broadcast Equipment

HD Switcher and/or late-model Tricaster

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