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Converters and Accessories

  1. Opteka T90 .7X HD Pro Wide Angle Adapter

    The Opteka T90 .7X offers you a 30% wider angle of view and little to no light loss.  It comes with an M90 – M72 adapter and M90 – M82 adapter for easy pairing with most lenses.


    Rental Prices

    $39 for 1 day
    $78 for up to 3 days
    $117 for up to 7 days
    Call or email for availability.

  2. Metabones PL-E Mount Cine Adapter

    The Metabones PL to E Mount Adapter will connect any PL cinema lens to any Sony E mount camera. The adapter has no electronic contacts, and all lens features must be controlled manually. The adapter will work with full frame as well as Super 35mm lenses, but you should confirm that your lenses’ imaging circle will cover your camera’s sensor.

    This adapter pairs very well with our Anamorphic Lens Set and Sony FS7.

    Rental Prices

    $24 for 1 day
    $48 for up to 3 days
    $72 for up to 7 days
    Call or email for availability.

  3. Atomos Sumo 4K 19″ Recorder/Monitor

    The Atomos Sumo is a powerful combination of 4K recorder and 19″ HDR 1920×1080 monitor. It sports HDMI 2.0 and 12G-SDI inputs and outputs, and can accept 12-bit raw input from supported cameras. It supports cross conversion and can downconvert for use with older HD equipment. It records in various bitrates of Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD.

    The Sumo is designed for use by nearly anyone on set, from the client or director, to the 1st AC, to the DIT. The monitor includes feet for standing on a cart or table. A VESA to baby pin adapter is available for mounting to a C-stand and gobo head.

    The Atomos Sumo rental includes a DC power adapter for wall power. A dual V-mount battery kit is available for field productions. No recording media is included, various SSD options are available for rent.

    Rental Prices

    $129 for 1 day
    $258 for up to 3 days
    $387 for up to 7 days
    Call or email for availability.

    Suggested accessories:

    SSD Media
    Baby Pin Adapter
    SDI Cable
    HDMI Cable

  4. Atomos Shogun Flame 4K Recorder/Monitor


    The Atomos Shogun Flame is an all-in-one solution for monitoring and recording 4K video on set. Record C-Log, S-Log, and V-Log while viewing with any custom LUT.  Connect to a Sony or Canon camera with RAW output and record ProRes or DNxHR in 4K . The Shogun Flame’s HDMI and SDI inputs and outputs allow cross-conversion for simple connections to a larger client monitor, and allow you to send a signal with LUT applied.

    The HDMI connections support 4K resolutions up to 30p, and the SDI connections support the 12G-SDI standard. Down-conversion is also supported, for connecting to older devices that don’t support 4K input.

    The monitor features of the Atomos Shogun Flame include focus peaking, zebras, false color, histogram, waveform, vectorscope, safe zone markers, anamorphic de-squeeze, and focus assist zoom.

    The rental includes the Atomos Shogun Flame 7″ 4K HDMI/12G-SDI Recording Monitor in hard case, a 240 GB SSD in caddy, USB3 SSD reader, NP-F battery, charger, D-Tap adapter cable, and a dual XLR breakout cable. Additional SSDs in Atomos caddies are available.

    Rental Prices

    $99 for 1 day
    $198 for up to 3 days
    $297 for up to 7 days
    Call or email for availability.

    Suggested accessories:

    Extra NP-F Batteries
    Extra SSD Media
    SDI Cable
    HDMI Cable

  5. Atomos Samurai Blade


    The Atomos Samurai Blade is a HD-SDI recorder and 5″ field monitor in one powerful unit.  We rent the recorder/monitor with a 240GB SSD in an Atomos caddy, a USB 3.0 dock, 3′ HD-SDI cable, one NP-F series battery, an AC power adapter, and a magic arm.

    The Samurai Blade lets you record in resolutions up to 1080p30/1080i60 to ProRes HQ, 422, or LT, or Avid DNxHD, all while monitoring on the 1280×720 5″ IPS display. The touchscreen monitor can display waveform, vectorscope, luma parade, RGB, focus peaking, zebra, and false color. It also supports conversion for Canon’s C-log to Rec709, making it a perfect companion to a Canon C100 or C300.

    The Samurai Blade is also a great option for generating proxy files, with timecode and record start-stop over SDI.


    Rental Prices

    $44 for 1 day
    $88 for up to 3 days
    $122 for up to 7 days
    Call or email for availability.

    Suggested accessories:

    Extra NP-F Batteries
    Extra SSD Media

  6. Batteries and Chargers


    If you need to rent a battery or charger for your camera, recorder, microphone, mixer, or other gear, we can help.  We offer extra rechargeable batteries and chargers for just about everything we rent. We only send out fully-charged batteries. Please give us a call if you have questions about battery capacity or run time.


    Size/Model Qty Type Day Rate Notes
    AA 4 NiMH Sanyo XXX $5 Best-performing AA battery
    9v 2 NiMH $5 Popular for audio equipment
    LP-E6 1 Canon $5 Fits 5D, 6D, 7D series
    LP-E8 1 Canon $5 Fits T2i, T3i, T4i, etc.
    LP-E17 1 Canon $5 Fits Canon T6s
    DMW-BLF19 1 Panasonic $5 Fits Panasonic GH4
    NP-FW50 1 Sony $5 Fits Sony A7s, A7s II
    NP-F970 1 Sony $9 for camera accessories
    BP-U90 1 Sony $9 EX1, EX3, FS7, etc.
    AHDBT-401 1 GoPro $7 Fits GoPro Hero 4 models
    BacPac 1 GoPro $10 Fits Hero 3, 3+, 4
    V-mount 1 89wh $19 14.8v
    V-mount 1 177wh $29 14.8v


    Size/Model Capacity Type Day Rate
    AA 8 NiMH $5
    9v 2 NiMH $5
    LP-E6, E8, or E17 1 Canon $5
    GH4 1 Panasonic $5
    NP-Fxxx series 1 Sony $5
    BP-U series 2 Sony $15
    A7s, A7s II 1 Sony $5
    USB AC Adapter 5 USB $15
    V-mount 2 Portable $20


    We also sell single-use alkaline AA, lithium AA, and alkaline 9V batteries as expendables. If you have questions about what battery you need, just ask.

  7. Nyrius Aries Prime Wireless HDMI


    The Nyrius Aries Prime lets you stream video wirelessly from any HDMI source to any HDMI display or recorder. It supports resolutions up to 1080p and even 3D video. It’s a great way to connect your computer at the front of the room to the projector in the back. No software and no WiFi required.

    The signal is rated for 30 feet line-of-sight. For longer distances and critical signal applications, we suggest an active 50′ HDMI cable.

    We include a Nyrius Aries Prime transmitter, Nyrius Aries Prime receiver, 5v USB power supply, USB cable, USB battery, 3′ HDMI cable, and a hard case.

    Rental Prices

    $24 for 1 day
    $48 for up to 3 days
    $72 for up to 7 days
    Call or email for availability.


    Suggested accessories:
    HDMI Extension Cable


  8. Blackmagic Hyperdeck Shuttle HD Recorder


    The Blackmagic Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 is a portable on-set field recorder.  Now you can record in 10-bit 4:2:2 color, with audio, using your camera’s HDMI or SDI output. You can get higher-quality files, in easy-to-use formats like ProRes and DNxHD as well as uncompressed video. The two 120GB SSDs give you hours of ProRes or DNxHD recording, and the included USB 3.0 dock allows for super-fast data transfer.  External recorders like this are most often rented with cameras like the Sony EX3, DSLRs, and other cameras with lower bit rates.

    An internal battery allows run-and-gun shooting and a power supply is included for all-day use.  We also include the mounting plate and a DIN 1.0/2.3 to SDI cable, for connecting devices with an SDI input or output.

    Rental Prices

    $49 for 1 day
    $98 for up to 3 days
    $147 for up to 7 days
    Call or email for availability.

    Suggested accessories:

    BNC SDI Cables
    HDMI Cables
    extra SSDs

  9. Memory Cards


    We offer additional memory cards, drives, and media for every camera, audio and video recorder we rent.  Be sure to bring more than you think you’ll need!

    Memory Cards  Size and Speed  One Day Rental

    SD/SDHC/SDXC 8GB class 4 $5
    32GB class 10 $5
    64GB UHS-1 $10
    256GB UHS-3 $20
    MicroSD/MicroSDHC 32GB class 10 $5
      64GB UHS-1 $10
    Compact Flash (CF) 32GB 400x $10
    64GB 667x $15
    SxS Cards SD Adapter w/ 64GB SD $29
    XQD 64GB 1333x Lexar $29
    64GB Sony S $39
    Drives  Size  One Day Rental

    2.5″ 9.5mm SATA SSD 240GB $19
    2.5″ 9.5mm SATA SSD 500GB $39
    Ext RAID array 8TB $78

    If you have questions about what size or speed memory card your camera or recorder needs, just ask.

  10. Ikan 9″ Field Monitor VX9e

    Ikan 9" Field MonitorThe Ikan Vx9e is a 8.9″ high definition field monitor, great for use with any HD-SDI or HDMI camera, including the Canon 5D series as well as the BMCC.  The monitor features focus peaking, false color options, and 1024×600 resolution for easy focusing and exposure.  It features a loop-through HD-SDI connection to connect to video village without complicated coverters, spitters, or extenders.  You can even convert from SDI to to analog component in the monitor.

    We use this most with the Canon 5D mark III, so we rent it with the BP-E6 battery plate, but we can also convert it for use with our V-mount battery kits, or Sony or Panasonic camcorder batteries.  If you’re shooting with a DSLR, we recommend you rent a cage for easy mounting options.

    We include the monitor, hard case, four BP-E6 (Canon) batteries and a charger, short BNC cable, short HDMI to mini HDMI cable, and a mounting arm.

    If you’re looking for a more budget-minded monitor, we offer the 7″ Lilliput monitor with HDMI only.

    $69/$138/$207 for 1/3/7 day rentals.  Call or email for availability.

    Suggested accessories:

    Additional batteries, camera cage, BNC cables

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